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Mar 15, 2009
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New member here. Just picked up some chicks, a bronze turkey and, 2 toulouse goslings. I will throw my thank yous out now. I moderate on a reef aquarium forum. If randomly anyone has any fish tank Q's feel free to send me a pm.
Not going to eat the turkey and the chickens are egg layers. And the geese are, well, going to be fun from the sounds of it. I've been doing quite a bit of research and stumbled across this forum.
Thanks for looking,
Casey Bend, OR.

Chickie Mamma

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from CT


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Mar 8, 2009
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I found this website surfing around looking for info on crazy chickens and i am thrilled to death with all the info you have. I forgot to introduce myslef the otherday.. I am in Southern New Mexico across the state line from El Paso, TX. Our weather is just beautiful now. high 60's low 70's. My chickens have begun to peck each others feathers and i had to separate some today.
my kids weren't his much trouble. but i love my hens to death. i have 3(?) roos, 16 hens and until a couple of weeks ago they were all fine. they have a very spacious coop and eat scratch, lay crumbles, leftover veggies, bread and lots of alfalfa. they were dosed today with rooster booster and hopefully the problem will stop. again, i can't thank you folks enough for all the great advice on this message board!

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