Hey BYCers, Lets help!


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Aug 23, 2010
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Hey BYCers, Lets Help Find Cures! For-----Cancer...Down Sydrome...Marfan Syndrome...Diebetese...ECT! Know anyone with Cancer? Wear pink Bracelets, Know Anyone with Down S, Were Blue and Yellow Bracelets, Know Anyone With Diebetes? Were Green Bracelets!! Know Anyone With Marfan Syndrome. ? Wear Red Bracelets!Today we had a talk about this is school. And i think we should Help!!!

Come On! Lets Help!!
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I SWEAR that i'm no trying to be rude.. but..
What exactly does wearing these bracelets do for the cure? Just wondering... i could never figure that out..

But that question aside.. i think that its a very nice, caring idea that you have..
Sometimes the bracelets are sold as part of fund raisers. But really you have to sell a lot of bracelets, they sell for maybe $2.

Last year On The Border sold some nice stainless steele ones for $5 as part of fundraiser. Definately not as good as Chilies giving ALL their profits for one day to St. Judes for Kids. That's the one day we make sure we go out to dinner
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I wonder where they sell them at?? I'd stock up on some..
I never see them sold around here though..

St. Judes is a wonderful, wonderful thing... When does Chilies do that?? I'll def go out to eat then too...
I think it is for awareness too. You see the color pink for so long now we know it has to do with cancer. Maybe if you see that color and associate it to a certain disease/benefit you might do or want to do something special, donate, sponsor, stop and look at what they are showing or talking about?
Remember, not all support is financial, it's emotional, it's psychological, it's moral, it's being there. Sometimes just the sight of someone wearing a pink ribbon, or the blue domestic violence bracelet, let's someone know they are not alone, they have support, people do care, they are working on cures. Cures that may come too late for some but in time for others and the future victims of cancers and violence and illnesses. Sure the money raised is a big help, but knowing you are not alone is more help to me.
Hi my mother has Marfan Syndrome and they have red bracelets for the disease. I wore mine till it fell apart, which took several years. Working with the public I was asked several times a day what my bracelet was for. The sell raises some money, but wearing them raises awareness.
You are very sweet to think of others.

You may have seen in my post, or not, but my son has a type of childhood cancer, although we are really lucky that his tumor is benign and we hope he will not need radiation. The type of tumor that he had is virtually unstudied. Raising awareness (and funds!) for childhood cancers will help find cures for these awful diseases and I hope other families can be spared the pain and anguish of having their children in pain and fear. It is not an experience I would wish on anyone, and we were one of the lucky ones. My son is alive and I know soon he will be healthy. My son's data and samples have been added to a study funded by the Children's Oncology Group. You can read more at www.curesearch.org I hope that adding his data to the study will help especially with early detection. My son's tumor was completely missed, and misdiagnosed, and it would have made a huge difference if it were diagnosed earlier.

And Writer of Words, you are right. Knowing that we are not alone has made all the difference sometimes. There are dark times that are hard to fight alone. Even this sweet post of MidnightHorsez has made a difference to me.

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