Hey guys need a Christmas Present for your lady?

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    Nov 22, 2010
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    Here's the deal... I have some jewelry that my wife custom makes that I am willing to send you in time for you to have it under the Christmas tree for your special lady... I will pay the shipping and everything...

    In return, you agree to ship me hatching eggs around April.. I live in Idaho and have to wait for the freezing temps to go away before I get eggs (-12 plus windchill this past week...) We can coordinate the exact date as we get closer depending on the weather...

    I am interested in heritage turkeys, Jersey Giants, Black Australorps, Marans, Genetic Hackles, Heritage Rhode Island Reds, Heritage Barred Rocks and other Heritage dual purpose breeds.

    She uses mostly Tibetan Silver, Swarowski Crystal, Turquoise, Mother of Pearl in her jewelry. She normally sells a watch with earrings or the bracelet/pendant/earrings for $35 and up, Here's a couple of pictures of ones that she has available.

    Red Watch and matching earrings

    Mother of pearl & crystal

    Turquoise, mother of pearl & crystal

    Turquoise & Tibetan Silver

    Pink & black bracelet, pendant & earings

    Pink bracelet, pendant & earings

    PM me with what you have in the way of eggs and which set of jewelry you are interested in.. If you are interested in different ones than these I can email you pictures of other sets in many different colors.

    Let's make a deal!!

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