Hey i need help is this duck a boy or girl i had said its a boy


5 Years
Oct 10, 2018
Puerto rico
Please correct me.if I am wrong is this a boy or a girl and if anyone can tell me what breed it is because I suppose it's a non breed
Hi there. :frow

Not sure of breed, where did it come from? Do you know how old?

The males will get a curly tail feather... like this...

I have NEVER seen tail feathers on a duck as long as the one yours is sporting, YET... :confused:

Another clue that happens in ducks much earlier than the tail curl presents is the raspy voice. Hens will retain a LOUD quack while drakes voice will become more of a soft raspy whisper. :pop
Possible Muscovy? Otherwise, I'd say a wild-type duck, like a whistler or some such.

This link has sound clips of both sexes, but they may not apply, since I don't think you have a mallard-derived duck there.

@casportpony @Miss Lydia do young muscovies look like the OP's duck?

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