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Jun 4, 2020
Hey Everybody!!

Having chickens has been a dream of mine for over 10 years!!!! Unfortunately, our previous home was in a neighborhood with an HOA. Our new home, however, is on a mostly wooded 11acre lot. When the news broke of the Corona Virus, my husband agreed it was time to invest in chickens. My family, my husband and I and are 3 boys (9yrs, 6yrs, 2yrs), are extremely happy to have our flock of 7!! Our girls are currently 4.5weeks old.
We have 2 Buckeyes, 2 Barr Rocks, 1 Domonique, 1 brown egg player (I believe to be a Black Australorp), and 1 rare breed (still trying to figure out breed. Either Copper Maran or Black Langshan). **I'll have to post some pictures of my rare breed girl and see what y'all think. Our girls are soo sweet and gentle. I am loving being a chicken mama and my children are in love too. Since we homeschool, it has been a very educational process for them. We are newbies but learning lots!
Our girls will be housed in a Formax Coop with a large run. We thought investing in something that won't rot and could be pressure wash was a good idea. Also it was very easy to install.
I am looking forward to this journey as it has been a dream of mine for so long. I know I will learn lots from all my "chicken peeps".

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