Hey there! Newly minted chicken lady delurking to introduce the girls

Jun 29, 2022
Hey there!

First time chickeneer checking in, though I've been lurking this board since May when my lovely, impulsive oldest daughter (24) decided what I really needed in my life was 28 neurotic little chickens to care for... And two ducks. 🤨

This all began with my new home having a beautiful barn, and a casual mention to her that a couple hens would be a welcomed backyard addition...

It seems I failed to teach her that whole "less is more" lesson in life. 😆

Our flock consists of:

20 "partridge" leghorns - supposedly pullets but with a bunch that big there's a good possibility of a roo or two. No one's sexed, some of them just seem a little more roostery than others. Keeping my roos is no issue.

4 wyandottes - 2 silver laced and 2 gold laced (again, unconfirmed pullets)

2 jersey giant pullets (they're at an awkward phase, one resembles a skinny necked penguin, and the other resembles a surprised vulture chick lol)

1 light brahma of indeterminate sex and one bantam of indeterminate sex and breed (straight pull assorted bantams)

And two Kahki Campbells.

And besides the amazingly knowledgeable bunch you all are, I'm most looking forward to having other chicken obsessed folks to share pictures of my birds with. 😁
Welcome to BYC!
Odd mix! Did tractor supply have a sale? I love the "left overs"
A couple of years ago, I gave my best friends granddaughter a TS gift certificate so she could buy chicks, for her 10th birthday. She was so cute, they sold her all their left overs, from the week prior, for her $25 gift card. She ended up with over 40 chicks. Her parents were not excited.🤣
“Welcome into the club. You didn’t get any of us Barred Rocks?” :confused: 3C620676-877F-44A0-A3A4-A83912F0DA6B.jpeg

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