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9 Years
Jan 22, 2011
I've been reading this forum for a while (probably every food-related post); can someone please direct me to the best places to read about introducing a new hen (or chicks, or eggs)...my head hen lost her girlfriend (long story) and we don't want her to be lonesome. Should we get eggs and see if she will hatch them? Or introduce young chicks? What about different breeds? (she's a Buff Orp.) What other considerations should we consider? I'm sure you have loads of links for me....it's just that the site forgot my password and I really didn't expect to have to ask this question for at least a dozen years

thank you,

EDITED TO ADD: Please forgive my crass intro. As a pittance to add, my chicks' fave treat is a tie between dandelion greens and hemp seed, unless there are live wiggly things.
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