Hi from TX


7 Years
Nov 11, 2012
San Marcos,Texas
This is my first time raising chickens on my own. I have two barred rocks, two easter eggers and a red star. They are two weeks old and I am officially in love with chickens!
Hi and :welcome

Good luck with your chickens!
They are always adorable at two weeks old, I love getting new chicks... :lau

I hope you find any info you need here and enjoy the site. :D
Another newbie here.

Our family lives in Spicewood...well...we're actually about halfway between Spicewood and Bee Caves out on HWY 71. Been doing lots of research (mostly at BYC) and have decided on getting some chickens. Just checked out HOA covenant, and low-and-behold, they are specifically not allowed. So, I'm planning on polling my neighbors, putting together a petition/list of signatures, and try to get our HOA changed to allow backyard chickens.

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