Hi from Zimbabwe

Shell from Zim

Dec 11, 2020
Hi Everyone,

Thanks for letting me be a part of this community. I've come back here many times to find solutions to questions and have finally registered to engage further.

I'm from Harare, Zimbabwe, and I inherited 3 bantam hens and a cockerel in March when my brother immigrated. They are supposedly an oegb x pekin/cochin and all have the frizzled gene. I get about 25% frizzled from a smooth on smooth pairing and about 50% frizzled on a smooth to frizzled pairing. They have since reproduced and I have 8 adult birds and 27 chicks. They lay a cream to lightly tinted tiny egg, which are exactly like my friends sebrights eggs. I also have 8 ginger red coloured bantam chicks from a friend.. They are gorgeous birds that lay a slightly bigger and whiter egg than my frizzled flock. Yesterday I was gifted a stunning trio of wheaten coloured, crested bantams that look exactly like sulmtalers but with feathered feet. Love them. My bantams are free ranging in my large garden and are an absolute joy to have. I have been enjoying learning about keeping bantams and am looking forward to learning more from all of you experienced keepers and breeders

Seasons greetings from Zimbabwe😎


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