Hi got sick old help need help

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    Hi got sick banny hen old dont know how old. She sick her feathers r down and droopy and wants to be along I feed them layer feed twice a day with oyster shells. She in my room in a cage right now. I notice her getting sick couple days ago I think here a pic of her and found this in her poop what it it? Its not a tape worm cuz look on google for pics of them dont look the same it dont have the bumps things the tape worm have. I dont deworm my chickens cuz there's no chicken vet. Her stool is watery and white and her other stool dont have that yello thing I found in her other stool. Can worm not show up in all stool? Or all ways. Please be nice. And what can I give her fast to help her fast thank u sorry for tripple pics push to many times I use my cell for internet and pics sorry the pic is dark had light on my cell dont have flash plus she black name nightwing IMG_20180323_121549.jpg IMG_20180323_121549.jpg IMG_20180323_121603.jpg IMG_20180323_121549.jpg
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    You could try going her some NutriDrench or Electrolytes to give her some energy.
    If you don't have electrolytes you could use some gatorade
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    Have you checked her crop? Is it empty in the morning? Just asking because I just went through something with my hen and she started out puffed up, eyes closed...
    If you think it's worms, you can treat without a vet. I use valbazen, but there are instructions on here for various worming products.

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