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Lorri Marian

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May 21, 2017
Hi my name is Lorri, I was introduced to chickens last year. I had moved home, due to illness from my favorite place in the world Seattle. I promised my friend I would help her out since she has Parkinsons, they had her medicine levels so high she was not functional. I found her a new neurologist since I have to one too. One day in March we went to Rural King for I dont even remember for what, but she said hey we should raise chickens. So we got 6 RIR and 6 comets, and 6 ducks, in May on one of my manic phases I bought 10 black chickens, 5 Sexlinks 3 Austrolorpes and a barred rock. Then my friend said I have to get rid of these roosters they are great. So I got three roosters, my favorite got killed by a raccoon, we also lost all but 4 of my first 12. This year I bought 8 four month olds to even out the rooster ratio. Then there was yesterday. We need guinea hens, so we bought 2 and 4 wyandottes a buff and Austroplorp. Well the husband said I needed more guineas, so we went back and I got 3 brahmas 2 guinea fowl, and 2 that I cant tell if they are buffs or RIR, and a few more needless to say I now have my total goal of about 50 chickens. Even though I have lost a quite a few birds my first year, I am confident that we will get everyone safe. We will be keeping about 12 birds at my house, and the rest at the farm. This is the best gift anyone has ever given me. I have learned so much from reading the articles in this site, and on the facebook page. Thank you so much, for all the great info you have available here.

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