Hi ya'll from Libby, MT! New to the chicken scene...& BYC


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8 Years
Jun 1, 2011
Just got some chicks a few days ago, for eggs and meat. This is my very first flock with 3 Buff Orpingtons, 1 Rhode Island Red, and 1 Black Barred Plymouth Rock (my 4yr. old daughters' favorite), all VERY cute chicks. Really looking forward to those tasty fresh eggs! They are all nice and cozy in a large rectangular wooden crate. We are in the process of finding cheap but decent chicken wire for the fence 250ft long (hopefully 4 ft tall) in the backyard. We are going to let them free range out there. Hopefully they won't tear up our garden, but Hubby refuses to fence that part in too. Also, in a few weeks we are going to convert thier crate into a tractor coop, very excited about that! Hubby is not too thrilled about my coop plans though ha ha ha.
sounds like you know exactly what you want, which is great and I am sure that they will be super happy. but if you have any yummy stuff in your garden...well you likely won't for long, lol. Other than that, I am glad you joined us,


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