Hi ya'll from Libby, MT! New to the chicken scene...& BYC


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8 Years
Jun 1, 2011
Just got some chicks a few days ago, for eggs and meat. This is my very first flock with 3 Buff Orpingtons, 1 Rhode Island Red, and 1 Black Barred Plymouth Rock (my 4yr. old daughters' favorite), all VERY cute chicks. Really looking forward to those tasty fresh eggs! They are all nice and cozy in a large rectangular wooden crate. We are in the process of finding cheap but decent chicken wire for the fence 250ft long (hopefully 4 ft tall) in the backyard. We are going to let them free range out there. Hopefully they won't tear up our garden, but Hubby refuses to fence that part in too. Also, in a few weeks we are going to convert thier crate into a tractor coop, very excited about that! Hubby is not too thrilled about my coop plans though ha ha ha.


9 Years
Jun 4, 2010
N. Ontario CANADA
sounds like you know exactly what you want, which is great and I am sure that they will be super happy. but if you have any yummy stuff in your garden...well you likely won't for long, lol. Other than that, I am glad you joined us,


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