Jul 28, 2019
Just wanted to say thanks to this forum. What started out as a joke answer to my wife 5 months ago has led to a revolution in our backyard. We raised our four from week old fuzzballs:

All 4.jpg

And are having a blast learning along the way. We live in a suburb that is zoned Light Rural, and checked with all our neighbors before driving across the state to our breeder. We've added rainwater collection, a garden and a coop/run:

This is early on. Buttercrunch lettuce was the favorite by far for our Muscovy, although they did quite a number on beet and rutabaga leaves. And the ducks are helping as we just started work on a permanent pond:
helping shovel.JPG

Been a lot of fun so far. I dug around in these forums quite a lot before deciding to do this, and owe you all a great debt. Thank you!
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