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    Mar 16, 2013
    My BF, brought in the eggs today, he brought in this blooper egg, which he is convinced has a double yolk cause "it looks like a butt" his words : )
    At first, I thought it was laid by my leghorn mrs. priss, but upon closer inspection, I think it is the first egg laid by my RIR Uncle Jim after her first molt. the second close up pic the end looks freckled but it looks and feels like fine grit sandpaper. so my questions are these,

    do the first eggs after a molt come out bloopereggs? she hasn't laid an egg in a good three weeks, this would be her first.

    and second, do you think this egg, has a double yolk? (you have to work hard to convince my bf, lol, me personally I dont think it is a double yolk)
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    Yes, chickens can have 'blooper' eggs after a hard molt. Make sure her diet is top-notch and she should be fine.

    The only way to tell if your egg is double yolk is to crack it open. My double yolk eggs are usually huge:

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    You mean you haven't opened it yet?!?!? Whatcha waiting for? Post pics please.

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