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    One moment you are in your house, or at the park, or the library, and the next you are in a big fancy room and question if it is a dream, but it is not you felt it went you punched yourself, it left a bruise... You hear footsteps and decide to hide, under the bed or behind the dresser, or in the wardrobe, but will you be found? Where are you? You have yet to find out. Soon you will discover your power and be able to fight back

    *No Swearing etc.
    *Respect the other RPers
    *No copying this RP
    *Don't start RPing until I accept your character form
    *If you are in a fight with another player please discuss it through PMs
    *If you are talking out of character place what you are saying in double parentheses (Example: ((How do I start?))
    *What I say goes, I am the moderator of this thread.
    *When in a fight you have to get injured at least once
    *If you read the rules put a breakfast food in the other section
    *You can only have the same power as someone else is they say so...
    *If someone can have the same power as you put that in the additional details section.

    Book (Warning: Kind of long chapters)

    Character Form

    History(optional) :
    Personality (Can just put TBR or To Be Role Played):
    Additional Detail (Optional):

    Character page:​
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    The first character: [​IMG]
  3. Name: Jessamine (goes by Jess though) Age: 13 Power: fire('cause let's give the impulsive and rarely logical person the fire, shall we?) History(optional) : ugh I hate doing histories :p Personality: Recklessly impulsive, courteous, trusting, usually honest, loyal, affectionate, sympathetic, altruistic, optimistic, observant, determined, rarely logical Picture/description: [​IMG] Additional Detail (Optional): Username: Mantha8225 Other: Doesn't like to fight, but she will if she has to. Can't stand the sight of a dead body. She also has Arachnophobia and Insomnia
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    (Pretty much anything...If you can think of one you are accepted.)
  5. ((that good?))
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    Yep, You're accepted
  7. kk cool :D

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