Hiding their eggs.

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    Mar 4, 2010
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    I have 6 Easter Eggers that are laying. Mostly in the nesting boxes. I found a nest in the garden with 19 eggs. It was well hidden until the weeds started to die off. The hen hasn't been back there since I cleaned it out. I'm not sure where she's laying now. Today I saw a hen sneaking off into the woods. I figured it was the one that was hiding eggs before. I found her spot and let her do her job. When I went back, it had been a different hen. This nest had 6 eggs. Why are they hiding them? How can I get them to stop? Will they not go back if I empty the nest?
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    Mine do the same thing.

    The only way to prevent it is to keep them penned.

    It is an instinct for them to find a safe place to hide & lay eggs.

    I found a nest in a window well that had 15 eggs.

    I wish I knew where they are hiding them now. I've looked everywhere.

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