High protein treats


Jul 19, 2017
The question that brought me here today was about giving chickens meat. (I found very good information here :) ) I gave them cooked beef liver for the first time and they loved it so I wanted to be sure it was ok. It is getting so cold I don't know if there are many bugs around :) I have given them BOS, oatmeal, corn, lots of veggies and seed cakes but never meat. I enjoy giving them treats but I want to be sure they get enough protein
Mine enjoy any protein offered including cottage or shredded cheese.
I also give them canned tuna or sardines packed in water.
Scrambled or chopped hard boiled eggs are always a hit.
Canned or dry cat food and occasionally dog food (has to be wet or small kibble size).
And of course insects, meal worms and whatever they can catch themselves including, but not limited to, mice, frogs, lizards, etc.
I have been contemplating the same thing...
I feed them the awful from rabbits I have processed. I've started a mealworm farm, but it's young still. Has anyone here considered breeding mice and using pinkies for a protein source?

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