His name is Fred, was told he was a Delaware-- but coloring doesn't seem to be quite right... could


7 Years
Mar 28, 2012

He was being given away-- so I do not know his age... His comb appears funny.. like maybe the tips of it have been frost bitten and it has become smooth? Unless this is a comb type-- I'm really not totally familiar with a lot of breeds.
I think he's a delaware, just not to standard. Hatchery/backyard quality. He's pretty and hopefully good to the ladies?
He's kinda a womanly roo... He doesn't cloacal kiss the ladies, RARELY, and eats before them, in fact, sometimes he pushes 'em outta the way to get to food, LOL

He is also exceptionally noisy-- but we've only had him about a week or two... So I'm hoping he'll fall into place, learn the sounds, and start being a roo to his girls!

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