hmmm..!!? Still seaching for other input on Cornish...


9 Years
Apr 28, 2010
Grand Junction I am going to raise these fatsos like regular layers...I got them along with 13 other feed store leftovers.. so... we ll see how it goes as it appears there are alot of politics surrounding this breed on here and I couldn' t get a straight answer.. so with past experience and common sense? I think they'll be just fine? Dont need the what they are bred for story... got that already. Just any other person who has raised a meat bird along with the eggys as a laying hen.... I know the feed must be decreased and lots of exercise...
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I have meat birds (colored broilers) in with my layer breeds. You're a step ahead of me because you are starting them together on lower protein feed. Due to space at the time, we kept our meaty "keepers" with the rest of the meat flock till processing time, eating high protein meatbird feed. The result was some pretty stocky birds.

So if you start the CX right out with what you're feeding your layers, I would think you'd avoid some of the weight gain, especially if you ration the feed. Also if you can put the feeder and waterer away from where they sleep, they will have to get moving more in order to eat and drink.

Also just be aware that you probably won't get as many eggs from the CX as you would from a layer breed. But if the time comes you decide their production is not worth the cost of feeding them, you can just have a nice chicken dinner. It's a personal decision. We get fewer eggs from our broiler hens than from our layer breeds, but that's not why we keep them.

Anyway, enjoy them and keep us posted!
Thank you!!! I was hoping that they could be raised "normally" somewhat!! We are not cullers here.. we have the foxes for that. :} We eat and share and abundance of eggs however. The chickens here die of natural causes.. or the fox... which I guess is a natural cause!! The old hens are just that.. old hens.. so these newbies replace the ones that are eaten by the foxes mostly... The fatsos... as they will be refered to lovingly... will just hang with the rest... free range during the day.. in at night.. and if I rememeber to shut the gate? they will be safe. I will indeed keep posted... and thanks again!!
If they are kept on a lower protein feed and they are encouraged to free range more, they will likely live longer than your average meat bird. They will not live as long as your layers. Most people who keep them for pets usually only have them for 6-18mos before they pass away. Make sure they have a comfortable spot on or near the ground to roost at night as they won't be inclined to roost as much as your layers.
Thank you!! I just read the thread about the oldest cornish too... that is encouraging. I have them all together in the water trough today as I just got them all last evening? but this evening I am separating the three Cornish till they feather... then they will get turned out to general population and will have to fend for themselves. I hadn't thought of the lower roosts.... but we have a ladder roost.. and the first rung is low... so ... that will work. Perhaps we should reinforce it!! LOL!!

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