Hocks are bending backward

Wax Myrtle

7 Years
Sep 17, 2012
Galivants Ferry, SC
Okay, I give up on Advanced Search - either I'm an idiot, or my phone's browser just can't handle it, so forgive me if there's a 30 page thread about this topic that I'm overlooking. ;)

I have four nearly 4wk old CX. Feeding fermented <20% starter. Have been withholding feed evenings 12 hours, since day 21. Their hocks will bend backwards at times. Very creepy looking. :/ Doesn't seem to be causing any pain, stress or distress, so at the moment I'm in no hurry to process them. They are mobile - slow compared to the layers in with them, but well able to get around. Seem just fine in all other ways.

I'm assuming I'm seeing some sort of a nutritional problem? Any tips on what's happening and how I can prevent this in future?
Thanks! I'm not seeing my issue on that page, tho... It's almost like their anterior ligaments/tendons are too long. However, they are already improving, looks like. I have yet to see any backwards bend today - just extension to 180*. Sort of like an extremely post legged horse, or a normal Chow dog. Hopefully these guys are getting themselves straightened out by themselves.

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