hogs: show feed or grower???

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    howdy everyone,

    i have been buying dumor 15% protein hog feed at tsc. the price is $13.50 a 50lb bag. they have 20% protein show pig feed for $15.50. is the extra two bucks a bag worth it to buy the show feed? will i get better feed conversion for the money?

    thanks in advance.
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    We show hogs, and although DH is much more versed ... [​IMG] I DO know that we "up" the protein to get more leaness and muscle on our hogs. They do grow quicker but the meat may be so lean that you might not be happy with it. Also, they can get so "tight" that they have issues with soundness feeding higher protein. Sometimes we also "mix" 16 and 20 to get the percentages we are needing too --

    I would suggest looking online for info. We don't feed dumors, but I am sure that the protein you are looking for is the same. When we feed out our hogs, which we just started today, we get a meal that is about 12 - 14 percent and feed them out for 30 or so days until all the chemical from the regular feed is out of the system, including the wormers and etc. that are in most swine feeds. Our guys have been on HIGH protein for show reasons and we just stepped them down to 14 from HI PRO tonight. Just my two cents .. I am sure that a lot on here wouldn't agree.
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