Holderreads Saxony duck flock


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Aug 24, 2011
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I ordered 10 saxony ducks from holderreads waterfowl farm. I also got a white appleyard female. I'm selling all the females and the buyers choice of two drakes. I believe I have 4 females at least, as I can tell from voice sexing. I have a premier 25 x 25 permanet electric fence as well + charger, brand new. I don't mind parting with that either for around 100 dollars, the fence alone is worth 300 dollars. I'm in my last year of undergraduate study for biology and I don't think I can provide adequate care for them. I also don't think I have enough land. It's been a fun experience and I will have ducks when I'm on my own. Anyway this offer is for pickup only, I'm not shipping giant birds in a box. I'll throw in my raising duck book to sweeten the deal for free. Contact me on here and I'll make arrangements to call you.

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You can take them all for 100 dollars, and 100 still for the fence and charger, I'm not going lower than that. PM me for more questions or post here.

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