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7 Years
Jun 18, 2012

I was reading the other day about mending a beak with super glue and tea bags. Above is a picture of Charlott's beak that has a hole in it. This happened last summer and she has done well with it as is. The problem is, that now the beak has grow out enough that it is very thin at the sides and tip. She is becoming reluctant to use it to peck and sharpen it. It is becoming overgrown and weak. Does anyone know of a way to strengthen it as it grows out? One friend suggested dental filling that is sold over the counter for temporary fixes on human teeth. Looking for suggestions for the queen of my flock. Thanks!!
Oh my! One of my girls had this once, but she naturally grew a sort of beak "scab" and it was like a hard bump until it grew out. I never had to deal with the hole myself. An OTC dental filling sounds like a good idea. It looks like it is almost grown out, so surely it will be all better soon anyway. Just make sure if you use a filling there are no toxic ingredients to chickens.
Also, I have heard of people clipping beaks simply to prevent pecking like in an industry setting- something I do not support or recommend and think is abusive- but at least that would indicate that a shortened/clipped/broken beak would not be the end of the world for her. It will definitely grow out eventually, so even if she struggles with it for a bit, it will get better!
Thanks very much for the advice, that may be the only way, but still hoping to find a way to keep it in tact if possible.
Can't tell exactly how deep the hole goes, but perhaps even filling it with superglue and holding her still til it dries... It may even be more durable and less likely to break or fall out than using dental filling. Super glue is used a lot in open wounds and other uses in humans and animals. May be worth a shot.
Thanks I will try it. You can see daylight through it, but I think I might be able to "plug" it with a piece of tea bag and layer super glue into the hole.

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