Home made chicken transport crate designs?


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May 15, 2012
Have any of you made transport crates for your chickens at home? Right now we borrow ours from the processor but would like to try going to a different processor who is further away and who does not let clients borrow their crates.

We want to avoid wood because it's hard to get really clean and might be too heavy for me to handle when I have to lift them myself. I like the light plastic crates that we borrow and was thinking of doing something similar... maybe with pvc plastic incorporated? Main priorites are safety and comfort for the birds and ease of use. We are quite handy so we just need to see some different designs. :)

Thanks in advance!
I feel your pain! At $40.00 a pop, they are expensive. My plans include building some this spring as well.

I am considering 2x2's and welded wire stapled, and always collect miscellaneous cages, dog kennels etc...

I lost about a dozen by putting 150 on the trailer with my last batch last year. Not going through that again.

Watching this thread with great interest to get other peoples ideas as well.

You might want to consider looking for used coated wire dog crates on craigslist. You might have to do some searching and be patient but I find really good deals from time to time and they are great. Easy to clean and mine are collapsible so they are also easy to store. The other nice thing is that if you decide you don't want it anymore you can sell it for what you paid.
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One thing to consider with tall dog type crates, birds will often try to get a higher position. These tall cages/crates will allow birds to climb, which can result in piles and suffication.
They come in multiple sizes. The one I use in my car and for single ill/hurt birds is only a few inches taller than my large fowl. It also has a removable plastic bottom so I can also use it for breaking broodies. I think I paid $20 for it and has used the heck out of it.
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