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Apr 16, 2012
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Does anyone have a recipe for making 'homemade" chicken treats? I know that they sell a lot of commercial blends in the feed stores at an exuberant price. I was just wondering if there are some recipes that we could make ourselves and save some dollars. I see where there are such "recipes" for dog and horse treats on the internet. Thanks for anyone who might have this info and could pass it along to others in this community.
Leftovers from cooking
chopped up veggies and fruits
Black oil Sunflower seeds
Dried Mealy worms
Leftover layer pellet dust to mix it all with

All of it is good. Most chickens don't need treats if they are fed properly and get enough protein. But at the end of the day when I quietly ask my chicks if everybody would like to go inside and get a treat, they all come running in time for a bedtime snack.
Thanks for the info, and I like the idea of the left over powder part of the pellets to mix it all up with! I have been purchasing the "Farmer's Helper Baby Cakes" for my chicks, but they are 8 bucks each and I have 30 babies!
I was hoping to find a recipe of something similar that I could make myself. They love the Baby Cakes and
the problem is, they disappear too fast!
Try searching for Suet style wildbird treats or something like that. I feed my wild birds suet in the winter and it's "cheap" in the store when it's on sale. In face I've been thinking of using a suet cage instead of the happy hens treat ball...I have one already and they are cheaper than the name brand product (gotta find some way to save some money somewhere!)

I have just made some treat balls for our birds.
mix breadcrumbs, bird seed, meal worms and some of their daily corn feed. Add water until it becomes doughy enough to form into large-ish balls and bake in the oven until dry.
i guess u can experiment with all kinds of ingredients, im sure the birds wont be fussed :D

my home made treat balls
You could probably make pinecone feeders like kids make in school for birds (hehe, I know what I'm having the girls do after I finally get the coop done and get some birds). Just get a big pinecone, tie something to the top, spread with peanut butter (natural would be best), roll in bird seed (or scratch, or something), and hang.

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