Homemade Deer Repellant-


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Aug 6, 2011
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Homemade Deer Repellant-

Works on my goats so it should work on deer.
I collect all these items form the garden/ farm any additions or suggestions to perfecting the recipe would be welcomed. i find it repels if there is no heavy rain for about three weeks.

-Garlic- one of two coves processed or pressed through the garlic press-
-old or extra eggs- beaten
-mint a few leaves ground or processed
-zanthum gum optional- preservative
-water optional
I process all the ingredients in a bender and let the eggs rot a bit. This stuff skinks but it works.
I also will strain the liquid through a cheese cloth or a strainer if i plan on putting the liquid in a spray bottle.
Yep. That would keep me away!!!
the best thing I've found to keep wild critters out of the garden is human hair. Once every couple of weeks I go by the local barbers and get a plastic bag full. I have an unlimited supply of small cloth bags that I fill and place in several places in the garden. regardless of wind direction, they get a whiff and scatter like broken glass. It has never failed.

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