Homemade feed recipes for flocks of 10-20 laying hens


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Mar 21, 2014
I am looking for the best homemade feed recipes for feeding a flock of 10-20 in Florida. I've fed FRM and Layena in the past, and I want to get away from soy-based protien and more natural ingredients without the expense of organic feed. I have nine hens now and I am soon to double or even triple my flock size, as people from work and other "city" friends are buying hens for me to keep for them.

They free range a few hours a week, but it is very hard for me to allow them to free range without supervision because there are hawks in the area. I am currently looking for old fishing or driving range nets to build a large, protected turnout.

Any help?
Wow! Not one answer! Well I’m looking to do the same and have several recipe ideas. One from Harvey Usserys book, and article from backyard poultry, and garden Betty’s online recipe. My challenge has been finding the ingredients at an affordable price! So I’m going with organic soy and corn free from New Country organics. I add some grains I can get in bulk from a local organic market. I ferment half the daily feed alternating probiotic sources and adding fresh herbs and supplements regularly. I’m going to start the summer cover crops this week and the chickens will forage those areas once the plants are established.

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