A new feathery project, lots of pictures

Just a story and alot of pictures about having pet chickens. Getting back into chickens has been fun.
  1. Little Jerry Seinfeld
    This is just a description about my chickens.
    I had a friend give me,last summer, 3 bantams. They are 1 mille DE fleur bantam, he's a rooster named Newman and a set of golden sebrights, named Little Jerry Seinfeld and Elaine. He gave my sister a set of silver sebrights, they are now about 1 year old.
    I got chicken fever just like we used to get when we had chickens so long ago. I have been disabled and had gotten out of chickens and everything when I had to move away from the family farm for 9 years. I've been back at the ranch for a few years now, but I'm usually obsessed with gardening, but after we were given these chickens I have had severe chicken fever! As soon as we (my sister and I) could this spring, we went out and bought 8 bantams.they are dark and light brahmas and one yellow unknown bantam and one gold colored old english game. The next week I got 3 easter Eggers.
    Since then I have gotten some cochin bantams, some different colored old english games, porcelain d'uccles, several oegs , and many of mixed unknown so far bantams, 9 silkies and 2 frizzle cochins. Then my eggs hatched, I have 30 , 7 are black japanese bantams, the rest are various mixed a few are easter eggers, olive eggers and 2 americaunas, the lady I got my eggs from has over 20 breeds so I'm still not sure what they are, they are one month old and doing eggcelent!
    I also have a dozen normal sized birds I bought, 2 blue lakenvelders, 2 copper marans, 3 rir, 2 hampshires, 1 amberlink, 2 buff orpingtons (YAY!) 2 barred rock, 2 cornish cross, (mmm tasty heehee)
    I am loving all my new chickens, I got a terrible flu though and haven't been able to build their house yet. So the larger ones are in rabbit hutches and the smaller in brooders still. I have loved the invaluable advice on this site.
    Screenshot_2018-05-11-03-11-07.png Screenshot_2018-05-11-03-17-55.png Screenshot_2018-05-11-03-04-38.png Screenshot_2018-05-09-16-07-24.png Screenshot_2018-04-25-02-35-20.png 20180429_224453.jpg 20180510_173537.jpg Screenshot_2018-05-11-03-07-30.png 20180316_211314.jpg 20180223_161053.jpg 20180304_094333.jpg 20180309_173557.jpg 20180317_004645.jpg 20180317_004924.jpg 20180309_173057.jpg 20180420_221152.jpg

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