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Jul 6, 2008
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The kind and thoughtful boyfriend made me an incubator following Miss Prissy's example. My issue is that the water heater thermostat is allowing a 20 degree temperature range between turning the light on and off. I have it set at the lowest temperature which is supposed to be 90 degrees. It turns back on at 90 then runs till it reaches 110. Any suggestions or ideas as to what is going on. When I moved it up from 90 degrees to the 100 degree setting it ran until it reached 120 degrees. I am hoping there is something simple going on here that I can fix. Maybe I have a bad thermostat? Other thoughts?
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You might want to try a 15w bulb and see if that solves your problem. You might also want to try a couple more ventilation holes. Do you have a fan in it? I have a 48 qt. ice chest that I have turned into an incubator using Miss Prissy's example. I am using a 25w bulb and having only a 4 degree temp swing with it that I'm trying to regulate.


Thanks for all of the input everybody. I already ordered the incubator specific thermostat. Hopefullt that will fix the problem.

I had the same question to post we haven't added our fan I have to get mine in the morning our incubator is a foam cooler one and our temp is ranging from 91 to 104. but i'm using a 40 watt bulb
Try a 25w bulb and get your fan hooked up. I added 4 more small ventialation holes to mine and now my thermostat kicks on at 99 and kicks off at 101! It takes time to adjust it out. It takes a lot of patience.
I know this is an old thread, but I thought I'd add my 2 cents for those who are reading it now. I had the same problem- fluctuation from 96-104 degrees. I moved the water heater thermostat about a centimeter away from the bulb with the back side facing the bulb. This helped immensely! I also have 3 mason jars full of water and a PC fan directly under the bulb and thermostat (like, a centimeter below the bulb). Now, the temperature stays at 99-100 degrees. With a tiny cup of water, humidity is around 55%.
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