Homemade noodles to sell but at what price?


7 Years
Oct 22, 2012
I am needing some feedback. I want to make homemade noodles to sell but not sure how much to charge. Will be packaged in a gallon size freezer bag. Any feed back would be great!
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Look at the artisan noodles at certain gourmet stores and charge accordingly. Will you dry yours or will they have to be refrigerated? Our gourmet shops in Atlanta area about $3 to $6 depending if veggies in it or dried. So about 10 ounces with veggies in noodles - abour 4 or 5 dollars. Good luck!
Go down to the health food store and see what they are charging for fresh noodles. I'm sure they get extra for organic, so you might have to adjust your price slightly.

But if you are using home raised eggs, be sure to play that up.

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