Homemade wine... Do you? What is your favorite?


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Do you make wine? Share your favorite.

I have made many different kinds of wine. I learned the basics from my granddad. Some of my best batches have been "Rose Petal" made from my grandmothers rose arbor. and "tomato" belive it or not its a very sweet golden wine.

Whats yours? Maybe we can swap recipes if anyone wants to.

My DH is a very good homemade grape wine maker.... plain old concord blue grapes....nice sweet table wine...

DH is asleep so I'll get the recipe in the morning and post......I bought him a nice 20 gal. fermenter from a wine store.....but sometimes we just use a good old fashion 20 gal. crock!!....gather our grapes and rinse well...mash in nice cheese cloth bags, adds the sugar and yeast at the start...hot water to cover to the top...stirs this for 7 days..then takes the mash bags out,when you take the mashed bags out the water mixture will go down so add more water to bring back up close to 90% of crock use but not enough that it will overflow when working off, cover tight with black plastic garbage bags, tie off with bungee cords to keep it airtight when using a old fashion crock...and let it work.....nice clear wine pink tones...depends on where we have gotten the grapes if their blues or wine color...we didn't have grapes last year the frost killed everything here...so ours is a 2 year old wine!!......

Takes 9 Gal. washed grapes..for 20 gal. crock...40 lbs sugar..for every gal. of water disolve 2 lbs of sugar in it..we use warm water to help dissolve....1 or two packages of yeast we just use bread package yeast...
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I do damson tripple (victorian plums, sugar and vodka, marinated for 3 months, strained and bottled).

My husband got a beer kit for his birthday. Looking forward to the result of his first batch.

5gallon bucket of blackberries gently washed to removed bugs and dirt. Give a little squish. But just a little to get the juices flowing. Cover it all with water. Within a matter of a couple of days all the berries will have released their juice and begin to ferment. Mash and strain. Store in a cool dark place. Should be ready in about 3 months.
Maybe you can answer my question -- I made Concord grape wine similar to your recipe, but there's a whitish mold that grew on top after about 10 days. I can filter off the mold, but I don't know if it's safe to drink? It wasn't the "must" that I've heard about, it was definitely some kind of mold.
My DH learned how to make wine from my father and uncle, he is so in love with it! he's made grape, (our vines)strawberry, peach from our trees and blackberry from our bushes! He is always looking for recipes.
Someone gave us a huge bag of scuppernogs year before last and my husband made wine out of them, ended up with three clear bottles of it that we gave for Christmas that year, nice! I don't care for scuppernogs myself but his sister got a bottle and loved it and no complaints from the other two recipients either. He mashed those grapes and covered them with cheesecloth and left them in a big pot in the shed and they fermented like crazy...smelled sooooo strong, surprised we weren't busted for moonshinin, lol!! If interested, I can get his directions, that was not my project, lol!! Now if someone has home made kahlua directions...I would be really interested in that, what a great gift that makes at holiday time!!!! Never have found a tried and true tested recipe for that but love a good white russian, yummy!!
Chickenannie, I PM'ed you...

Sly, we may have to trade wine recipe and more chickens now!!...lol

Everyone always asked DH for a special bottle of his grape as their Christmas present...

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