Homemade Worming Treatment! (Maybe?)

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by RoosterML, Oct 20, 2019.

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  1. With fall time upon us which brings with it Pumpkin Season I figure I would use it to test Pumpkin seeds worming effectiveness.
    Several days ago we carved pumpkins with the kids so I saved as many seeds as I could. I then put them on 2-9x13 cookies sheets to dry out in the sun. I put them in the sun for about 4-5 days to dry moving them around occasionally.
    So this morning I made my homemade brew of poultry worming potion.
    I put the seeds in the food processor and ran them down to a chunky powder form.
    In a separate pan I added hot water and added about 3 cups of oatmeal.
    Once oatmeal absorbed the water I put everything in the kitchen blender and added about 2 teaspoons of dark chili powder.
    Once cooled I filled 2 Chinese food containers and served the remaining potion the the chickens and Turkeys.
    They really loved it. I plan on giving them some more in about 3-5 days followed by more 3-5 days after that.
    I will report back if I start seeing worms on the poop board. I figured I would give this a go before going 3weeks in egg withdrawal. If nothing else they have been given a super food which I see no down side to. In the end the mixture is
    1- 9x13 tray of pumpkin seeds
    3cups oatmeal
    2 teaspoons dark chill powder
    80E43BEE-F125-49B7-A0D9-D49C9EA60285.jpeg BC2A57F5-C7B3-4E66-8110-B4651D31D198.jpeg 2FBBDB0E-DE17-4661-A0F2-80CB58BCAA8F.jpeg 92D3F302-B2D4-4499-A03D-248B7B54EA92.jpeg 9CF9C11C-15A2-4A32-9A45-35694B8E9F27.jpeg 2168F585-1E73-4596-96D5-C2C48694EAAC.jpeg 347E6476-20C1-40E0-A3A9-243B9C7CC063.jpeg DC95BA13-C464-4E6C-97DD-F943413A4D2B.jpeg F0492487-E3F7-4E0C-8495-A0DCD880DFBF.jpeg
    Before it gets said I know it’s unlikely to be as effective as chemical workers but maybe it’s just what they need to help them along.
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    Can you have a fecal test done? If you can, and that finds just large roundworms or cecal worms, there is a zero day de-wormer that you can use. However, if the test finds capillary worms you will need to use a higher dose of fenbendazole, and that higher dose would require egg withdrawal.

    The FDA has approved the use of fenbendazole for the treatment of large roundworms and cecal worms when given at a very low dose for five consecutive days.
    ✪ FDA Approves Fenbendazole for Use in Laying Hens to Treat Large Roundworms and Cecal Worms ✪

    This thread explains a way to use fenbendazole in the feed.
    Safeguard Mash - Zero Day Egg Withdrawal
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    Sounds interesting. While I have no faith in pumpkinseeds as dewormer I look forward to your results.
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    No it won't work as a natural wormer and your testing methodology is flawed.
    In order to test the effectiveness one would have to know the worm load the chicken carries at the start of the treatment and test again when the treatment is complete.
    Not seeing worms in the poop does not mean the chicken doesn't have worms.
    This really isn't an area where one gathers a few opinions and hope without any reliable evidence that some concoction, (the ingredients recommended where?) is going to rid a chicken of worms.
    To me, and I think to many who are dealing with worm issues a 'wormer' is a compound that will eradicate worms in a chicken.
    There is evidence that some combinations of particular 'natural' products will increase gut health and create a healthier gut in the chicken that may assist in preventing a chickens worm load from becoming critical.
  5. @Shadrach i did say that it is unlikely to have the effectiveness as chemical workers. I don’t believe my testing method is flawed as you say. Is this a scientific study where all the variables are controlled, NO not even close. If over the next few days to 2 weeks when all 3 feedings will be given I see round worms (in large numbers) on the poop boards I think it will be tough to argue that it does not have an effectiveness on helping the chickens along reducing worm loads. Once I post the results people can easily replicate what I did and try for themselves without any negative effects. It’s a fun “study” to try that I have not seen done yet. All I see is people say this works or that works but nothing to back it up. I am interested in seeing the results myself and I hope others enjoy it also including yourself.
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  6. Shadrach

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  7. Yes I can. I would if needed but not for this experiment.
    It would involve isolation of birds to control who’s poop is who’s and that’s not something I am looking to do. Yes in the future before administering a chemical wormer I believe I would have a fecal float done to see what I am dealing with
  8. I did read that. I agree that Pumpkin seeds are not the end all be all. In that article I see it just disputing ones claim that Pumpkin seeds act as a dewormer. Also says no one has evidence. Well if I end up seeing worms expelled in poop I think that will be some evidence that Pumpkin seeds may work. Would it not? Which in turn may open up a whole different project where I may do a much more controlled experiment with testing in the future.
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  9. I just conducted my scientific :cool:glance the morning after being given 1st dose of highly concentrated Pumpkin seed food. I did not see any worms on poop board. I’ll give does #2 Tuesday or Wednesday and report back after that.
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    For real.....tape worm segments are the most likely type to be seen in poop.

    Most other worms require trained eyes and a microscope to detect in the droppings.

    That is what a fecal float is.....a microscopic check of the droppings.

    Without a control (fecal float before meds) and a result (fecal float after meds) there is no way to know if the meds were effective.
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