Homeopathic treatment for dog ear yeast infection?

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    Quote:Chronic yeast infections are usually diet related. My new vet surprised me by knowing this little gem!!!

    My dog had a yeastie beastie in one ear, and the meds cleared it up FAST (still using them to finish up the bottle, as directed, but it's not red anymore). I raw feed and neither me or the vet suspected a diet problem, BUT we've only had him since Feb and he was on Pedigree food at his old house. Or it could have just been some water, since he is a Lab and he swims year-round if given the chance - we've been down to the creek a few times.

    IN addition to the ear cleaning and ear drops, I feed a heaping tablespoon of ProBios powdered probiotics every night. It is made for livestock, and I bought it at TSC & the other feedstore. It has dosage for dogs on the back, besides various livestock. I would recommend the high-powered probiotics supplement for almost any ailment that could be helped by a healthier flora.

    Me as a human has gotten relief from girly yeasties by taking higher doses of Vitamin C. You can feed dogs vitamin C too. Most of the time it is used for arthritis, but it has skin and coat benefits. A regular dosage for a med/large dog is 500-800mg/day and it's best to use the stomach-safer Ester C which conveniently comes in 500mg capsuls you can open and pour over the food. Google around for other doses - coz I only have large dogs. [​IMG]
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    Boric Acid will cure a yeast infection. Story-

    When my 3rd son was born, we developed thrush. I say we, because I nursed him. I used Genetian Violet, I used Nystatin, I used everything the doctors told me to use. We just kept giving it back and forth to each other. My Mother was at the house one day, and as I went to feed him, I grimaced in absolute pain. My nipples were cracked and bleeding and his throat was very sore, so he was not happy. Mother asked me what was wrong and I told her. She took the baby, and looked in his mouth. That's "milk-mouth" she said. My Mother was born in 1913, so home remedies were depended on and I had learned to ask what they had used for various things. I asked her and she said boric acid. Off to the drug store we went and for about $3.00, I bought a bottle of the powder. As soon as I got home, I took a quart canning jar and boiled water in it, in the microwave, to sterilize everything, then added 2 tsp of boric acid powder and put a ring and lid on it. Basically canning it. When it cooled down, I poured some out and swabbed myself with a cotton ball dipped in the solution and then also I dropped a few drops in the babies mouth. I used it every time I fed him for the rest of that day. The next day, you would have never guessed we had been battling it for a month and a half. It works. You can also buy empty geletain capsules, fill them with the powder and use them as a suppository if you get vaginal yeast infections. If the baby gets yeast infection in it's diaper rash, pour some out of the jar and swab it off with the solution, you will see a big difference by the next diaper change. The doctors will tell you no, but I am telling you it has been a life saver for me. Any yeast infection, pink eye, your dog's ear. Swab it out, or maybe sprinkle some in the ear. That is what I would do. Just a suggestion, but I swear by this. I fooled around and spent a bunch of money, before I found out about this. What a waste. Just try it. I have used it ever since, and that's 26 years now.
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    thank you. My golden retriever annie has had it bad for i cant tell you how long. we use the stuff in a bottle but it only works for a few hours.
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    lilee the lhasa has had horrible ears; one ear in particular. i think she was born with ear problems, when i bought her, we thought she was deaf or mentally impaired... turns out she had humongous amount of hair in ear canal and gunk.

    i tried everything from internet recipes to vet meds. i even made my own lavender/rosemary olive oil salves (we make our own tinctures and stuff...)... nothing worked, and then, when iw as in the states, my sister took me to a pet co store. i went in to super culture shock, but, being mission oriented when shopping, skipped all the various doodads for dogs and found the ear meds.

    i bought something called :
    vet's+best formulated by dawn curie thomas (i liked the name, sounded like madam curie the scientist) so i bought a set of wash and ear powder.

    i can only say, while her ear still gets gunk in it if i dont clean it frequently, her horrible yeastie smelling rotting ear smell has been reduced.

    nothing else has worked but i just found out that i can order thru the internet.. ive tried other brands of natural stuff and this one has worked the best...

    now, we've changed her dry kibble to a less basic doggy junk food brand and her yeast between her toes and on her stomach seem to be clearing up a bit... i also used the ear stuff on her stomach to clean the 'yuck' that she gets there: black, thick icky smelly stuff.

    she is still a smellier dog the the foofoo lhasa as she likes to eat from the garbage compressor by the kibbutz dining room, and her face is compressed also, ans her eyes tear more like a poodle... but by far, the ear stuff has worked wonders. its got yucca (a soap like stuff), aloe ver, chammoile, tea tree oil, clove oil (analgesic)... ive tried making that on my own and have not gotten the amounts correct, so will stick with this one.

    apple cider vinegar washes seemed to increase the yeast in her ear...
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    Mar 6, 2013
    My dog was having the same problems ... we discovered (by doing a food trial) it was her food she has allergies to meat (she can't have any meat only fish) either that or she gets ear infections ... she is now eating Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Fish and hasn't had a problem since then ...
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    My experience has been remove grain from the diet and ear problems become a thing of the past. TOTW has worked great for me on my beagles and our golden.
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    Jul 8, 2009
    North Carolina, USA
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    I don't typically reply or even view any topics here pertaining to dogs as I have found most folks simply refuse to accept any real truths concerning the diet of the dog.
    Sourland is absolutely correct. Dogs are not meant to eat grain. Any grain. Period. But that cannot be true right? I mean, vets tell you to feed dog food. Everyone feeds "dog food"! Here is what I tell folks interested in my dogs.

    The only education vets receive is from Science Diet. Seminars, classes,etc. Then vets sell their garbage in a bag to their clients. And quite a benefit - the vets make money via selling the product and via treating unhealthy dogs. We are going on generations of artificially reared dogs. Dog food has been around for about seventy years, and since then we have seen so much disease and ill health.
    The dog has dentition exactly like a wolf. The dog has a digestive tract exactly like the wolf, or any wild dog. Yet for years we have been feeding them corn. Not only is this inappropriate but it is hard on the body. Grain and other inappropriate ingredients cause unnatural reactions in the body, especially allergies. You can always tell a properly fed older dog from a kibble fed older dog. The kibble fed dog starts to smell, has bad teeth and breath, dry coat, and usually one or several ailments. A raw-fed dog is clean, has fresh breath and much cleaner teeth and a shine to the coat unlike any dog fed kibble. The differences are many and remarkable. Stop feeding kibble. It is the only way to have a truly healthy dog. Feeding appropriately only makes sense, it cannot be argued.

    There will be a time hopefully sooner than later when dog food companies will be in a world of hurt. You already see commercials for grain-free kibble, and supposed "healthy" alternatives. You can also buy frozen raw in small medallions or patties. The brand I was last familiar with is called Nature's Variety. The last time I checked it was a little high in calcium/bone and was causing constipation but they may have corrected that by now. As a general rule we feed 80-10-10. Eighty percent meat, ten percent bone, and ten percent offal (nutrient rich organ meat such as liver). This can vary - it is incorrect to believe that the diet of the dog must be complete and balanced every day. Like most species, the diet of an individual will vary. Dogs are not obligate carnivores but rather opportunistic carnivores, or scavengers. They will eat just about anything, but that doesn't mean it is good for them.
    If you really care about your dog, start learning about feeding appropriately. You will not be sorry.
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    I have to comment here on the only diet is a raw diet. Here is my two cents. I volunteer at a vet clinic. I also work at a pet food store that is dedicated to feeding healthy, safe foods. That being said, those foods are in line with Holistic Vet practice. We do not sell Royal Cainin, Science Diet or any grocery brands. My Bernese Mountain Dod has been on grain free his entire life. We are just starting to battle a seasonal yeast overgrowth on his paws. My Berner cannot handle raw. It goes right through him. The raw I have fed is Nature's Variety and Spring Meadows. Both high quality and balanced. While I agree the domestic dog is built the same as a wild dog, the one important factor that is left out in your comment is that of the FACT that wolves, wild and domestic dogs are NOT true carnivores. They require carbohydrate in the form of fruits and vegetables. My only option is to go towards a limited ingredient diet or to home cook for my boy. The limited ingredient diet I choose is natural Balance, Sweet Potato Fish. I too have done extensive research on this topic and it angers me to hear and see people make comments on dogs being carnivores and not requiring fruits and vegetables. Yes, grains are not required, but in some cases, low GI grains can solve some problems. Loose stools being one of them.
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    I have a Catahoula as well. The best treatment is Zymox Otic. You can buy a large bottle of it with or without cortizone. The large bottles are the best deal. I just looked and you can purchase them on amazon. 8 oz is about $55. It will last you a long time. My dog loves it. I don't seem to need cleaners. Whenever her ears start up a bit in each ear. If it is more severe a couple times a day for a few days and yeast and/or infection is gone. It really works :)

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