Hope I didn't scare her too badly....

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  1. My DD and I went out to feed the chickens some warm oatmeal and collect the eggs....I reached into the coop and put my hand in the nest (I could not see in the nest with the way I was standing) expecting to feel eggs....I got a handful of feathers instead!!! At the same time I felt the feathers, I heard a bawwwwwkkkkk, brwaaaaaaaakkkk!! and I screamed, jumped and hit my head on the overhang over the ramp, jerked my hand out of the coop and almost landed on my rear cause my foot slipped in the mud... I peeked in the coop and there was Henny Penny walking around the coop fussing at me at the top of her lungs!! I just busted out laughing. I was laughing so hard and Henny Penny was bawwwwkkkkking so loud that Momma and Nosy (the rooster) had to come over and see what was going on. It was hilarious!! Poor Henny Penny, I hope I didn't scare her into not laying eggs...

    Hope y'all thought it was as funny as my DD and I did!

    *edited because my fingers are still frozen and I can't spell!!! lol*
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  2. sourland

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    [​IMG] Tickled my funnybone. Glad that you and minidoodle are feeling better.
  3. We both are much better! Thanks! Now the parents have it. :(
  4. sourland

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    May 3, 2009
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    That's carrying 'family sharing' a little too far. Hope they are better by Christmas.
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    You know what they say... Kids are very giving. They give you colds, they give the flu, the give strep......

  6. MeatKing

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    Kids are very giving, I'm sorry to hear you's were sick..

    We had a snow storm here, I was gonna work yesterday even though we were to get 20cm, while I was at work, plus we had freezing rain, then 15 cm, before work on Friday..

    Getting ready to go, my youngest dd 4, gave my a hug, and "Said Mom I love you, don't go in the ditch.." This Momma stayed home..
  7. Now THAT's a smart DD!!!! And an equally smart mom! We only got about an inch of snow, but then again, I'm in southern WV, on the lower end of the storm...

    Yes...my DD loves to share...She shares everything she comes home from school with... [​IMG]
  8. MeatKing

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    Don't you love school, aka The germ factory.. Amazing how many things they pick up there!!
  9. oh yeah! Three classrooms in my DD's school only had between 2 and 6 students in them last week due to strep throat, horrible stomach virus, and the flu. I think they should disinfect the school while the kids are out on Christmas break. They are just passing it back and forth.

  10. chickened

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    I went and seen a movie tuesday and wouldn't you know the only people in the whole theatre coughing, sneezing and sniffling were sitting right behind me... I am still waiting to get whatever they had.ugh!

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