Hope it is not avian flu


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Sep 17, 2013
It was two degrees outside this afternoon when I happened to look out back and saw something large and black lying on top of the chicken coop that had not been there several hours earlier. At first I thought it was an animal. On closer inspection however, the object turned out to be a dead crow.

How and why it ended up on top of our coop I have no idea. There were some crows around last summer, but we never saw them in close proximity to the coop. I would like to get the bird autopsied. Unfortunately I have no idea who to contact. (I don't think we have an Agricultural agent in this county.)

Any suggestions?

Any idea what might have killed the crow - ingesting road salt? I'm quite certain it was not shot.

When I get out there tomorrow, I'll be using rubber gloves and double bagging it to be on the safe side.

Thanks for your help

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