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Sep 10, 2019
Anyones who's read my first few threads, hello welcome back. Anyone who's only reading this one, hey, how's it goin. I'm on day twenty today, I had to switch broodies. Cuz the first mama decided that she didnt wanna mama no more. So our frizzle is now incubating these eggs, and doing a great job. What should I watch for, and more importantly, WHAT DO I DO? once these chicks pop out where do I go with them? Should I trust my other chickens with them? Should I separate them? Should I separate the chicks from the hen? I don't know! Helpppp
IF the eggs are 21 days, they should be hatching soon ... Possibly why the first broody "quit". It's possible she was just stretching her legs, how long was she off the nest when you switched broodies?

So these eggs are under the "frizzle", how many eggs were under her before you added the 1st clutch? How many days was she setting on these? Hope you marked the eggs? Is she setting in the main coop?

From what I've read it's safer that the broody has some privacy from the rest of the coop. She will tend her chicks, no help needed from you ... However, if the eggs you put under her hatch before the eggs she originally had, she may desert the ones she was setting on to tend the chicks.

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1st chick just started to hatch! I got into the coop and heard some little peeps, I looked closer, and there was an egg with a beaker poking out, chirping at me! I'll update once I get back. Also, its pouring here, will the hen bring her chicks out?? I would rather her wait until all the live chicks hatch to let her out

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