Hoping for my dream job! (Chicken-related, actually.)


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I'm a pre-veterinary college student, and I've been hoping to find a veterinary assistant job for quite some time now. I've dropped off resumes at every clinic within about an hour radius, and no one is hiring. This has been an ongoing thing for about a year now--rather discouraging that despite having lots of experience and knowing I'd make a fantastic vet assistant, I can't find a job simply because of lack of availability and positions. I live in a small town and because of the economy, it's currently very difficult to find a job, especially when you're a young adult like me.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, a job that's even BETTER suited to me than a vet assistant job showed up suddenly, so I applied a week or two ago and had an interview today. I think it went well and that I'm quite suited for the position (I just hope they agree!), and I'll know in a week or two if I got the job.

For some background info before I say what the job is so you can appreciate how perfect this is for me: I'm a vegetarian, I'm very interested in/involved in animal welfare and rescue and have been volunteering with animal rescue groups for years, obviously I'm completely obsessed with chickens and knowledgeable about them, I have a flexible schedule, and this is a part-time job.

The job? Helping rescue spent hens from egg farms and birds from hoarding/abandonment/neglect/abuse situations, and coordinating finding them new homes. And this all takes place at a beautiful farm animal sanctuary. It's PERFECT for me!
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the job opening! And it's only fifteen minutes drive away from me, so that's another plus.

Anyway, I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high because obviously there's no guarantee I'll get the job, but if I do I'm going to be ecstatic! If anyone can send me good wishes, it'd be much appreciated.
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That sounds like a great job!
Good luck, I hope you get it, coz yeah, it does sound like it's prefect for you!


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Good luck! I too dreamed of a job in the poultry industry, after college I had several interviews with some major poultry companies. The only down side was I could not have my birds at home because of bio-security reasons. So now I am working in the retail grocery industry. Actually not a bad job, just not what I figured I would be doing. Its funny how life works out!


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I think that sounds awesome! Good luck to you! As I'm sure you already know, if you are Pre-Vet, extra curriculars and in clinic time shadowing are EXTREMELY important. You simply will NOT get into school without it. I see people applying with THOUSANDS of hours. Now, for the part that you really are not going to like if you do not know this yet (don't know where you are in the process), very often to shadow a vet, you have to be willing to do it for free. I know it is not fair, but such is life. I worked in one Vet clinic 5-7 days a week for 4.5 years 100% completely for free (other than free vet care in exchange). It sucked, but my options were limited. There were only a few vets in the area and that is all I could find. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world.

Keep looking for assistant positions, but know that even in big areas, Pre-Vet students often are not getting paid for work. Anyone that tells you otherwise has not, "been there, done that". I have eventually gotten paid positions before school, but it was extremely difficult. A lot of vets won't let students shadow period, even as free assistants. You need to have as broad a base of experience as possible and volunteer as many different places as you can. Also, at the risk of unintentionally offending you, I will also say this for your own good, I would never tell vets that you are a vegetarian and interested in animal welfare. 99% of the vets I have worked for would file your resume in the round filing bin (the trash) thinking- "Oh no, not one of these nut cases". Of course, I have worked mostly for vets that specialize in livestock/large animal. YMMV. If you are not a member already, I *highly* suggest joining the Student Doctor Network forums. Good luck to you in your quest!

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