Hoping to legalize chickens in Sharon, WI

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5 Years
Apr 25, 2014
Hello everyone! I'm Jessica, and I live in Sharon, WI. We moved here 2 years ago into a house with a chicken coop, only to find out that we are not allowed to have chickens within the village. I'm hoping to find anyone else in the area who would be in support of legalizing hens for laying purposes.
My name is ryan. I have lived in sharon pretty much all my life. when I was a child, there were chickens here. I don't know what happened throughout the years, but we can reverse the ban on chickens. I am planning on going to a board meeting soon, and declare that the ordinance on hens for laying purposes be abolished. My wife spoke to the police chief in town, and he stated that more and more people have been expressing an interest in raising chickens. He said that we should go to a board meeting and speak our minds.....you still in?.........
Have you had any luck with the ordinance in sharon. My wife and i would be intrested in trying to help get the ordinance changed.
UPDATE!! I'm sorry I didn't see these replies sooner, I did end up writing a letter to the board requesting that they re-evaluate the chicken ordinance due to the current interest in local food production, etc. As of October, the ordinance has been changed and we are allowed to have 4 hens! I had wished for closer to 10, but I'll take it!
I just found out last week about the new ordinance (funny, in the 5 years I've lived here the ordinance regarding chickens sure doesn't seem to be very publicized... you really have to keep calling and following up to find out what's going on...) Anyhow, I had to stop by the village and fill out some forms, provide a detailed map of my property with the location of the coop, and pay a $50 fee. The fee drops to $25 with yearly renewal. I was given my permit the same day!! I have Easter Egger chicks on the way from TSC!
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