Horse wreck


12 Years
Aug 30, 2007
Yesterday I did something completely dumb, one of those things where you have the voice in your head telling you it's not smart and you do it anyway only to have the sense knocked into you pretty quick. I was riding my 2 yr old filly who has never put a foot wrong, and I got too hot and decided to take my coat off. I knew to get off her, but I was completely stupid and figured since it was her I would be fine. She spooked at it so I dropped it, but it hit her in the flank, she jumped and the end of my reins ended up under her tail. Next thing I knew she was going one way and I was soon to hit the ground. She came back to see if I was ok. Luckily I was wearing my helmet and my FIL and his wife were nearby and scraped up the pieces. I got back on her so that she didn't think dumping me was a good way to stop working, not that she's like that. I just didn't want to make my stupid mistake her issue. I couldn't hardly walk, and spent last night feverish and throwing up. I hardly slept and couldn't walk when I got up this morning, my hip kept giving way.

I spent most of today going between the Dr's office and the hospital. Thankfully nothing is broken, I just have some nasty swelling and bruising on my lower back and hip. I feel lucky even though I can't get a thing done around here. My goat was due to kid today but didn't. My wonderful husband has been taking good care of me, carrying me around when he can't stand to walk that slow any longer, and taking care of my animals. Fingers crossed everything should be back in working order soon, and i'm trying not to think about it too much as i'd been getting over my fear.

Listen to that little voice though, it is looking out for you! I feel so stupid, ever since I first learnt to ride it was always a rule to get off to take off jackets or sweaters, and I didn't need to learn that the hard way.
Oh man! Glad it wasn't any worse than it was and you are still in one piece.
Wow - thanks for sharing your experience - I hope you feel better soon. The fever and vomiting isn't what I would have expected under the circumstances - did the doctor suggest you might have a concussion?
ooh no! Ouch! Yeah..i should listen my little voice more often too...

Word of warning though..If your little voices start to answer themselves back... and they start to have conversations in your head..
Put on your tinfoil hat...

Just teasing ya... sorry about your boo boo... Thank god you had your helmet on and you didnt break anything...!
Ha ha. Well they were

"Get off your horse to do that"
"No, it's just Lorie, you'll be fine"
"No really, don't do that"
"Maybe you were right..."

I'm holding off taking the Vicodin, who knows what will go on in my head then.
"and the end of my rein ended up under her tail" now THAT was the part where it all went south... and what are the chances? If you TRIED a thousand times to latch that rein under her tail again while in the act of taking off your coat, You'd NEVER get it done, NE-VER!!! Sorry you are sored up but so glad nothing's broken, (which I kinda still wonder if your pelvis isn't broken and they somehow are not seeing it. I'm a nurse, but I don't trust doctors nor hospitals ONE BIT!!! Go back if it doesn't start to get better SOON!)
I figure she was just reminding me of the dismounting rule
A bit quicker than I would have liked.

Ironically I had told my FIL earlier that I couldn't ride as fast as she could run, and he didn't believe me.

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