hostile flock!!!


6 Years
Apr 13, 2013
i just got a 4 week chick...the chicks i have are 9 weeks and they are chasing and pecking her.....i dont know what to do ?
thank you.......................i will try that!!!...because i have eight buff rhode island mix hens 9 weeks and they are not having it....i will keep her by herself at night and let them hang out during the day in her own cage.....
like rich386 said the caging seperatly so they can see eachother works good, what i found works really good is still do the seperate cages but have the cages or the seperation really close to eachother, give them a chance to do a little pecking at eachother through the cage but yet they can move away to safety, seems like if they can do that they get everything figured out alot quicker, works for me every time.

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