Hot-cold mini fridge for incubator. What about oxygen air-flow?


10 Years
Aug 25, 2009
Hello All:
This string is compliment to another where I started considering using a "reptipro" incubator...which turns out to be a travel size hot/cold mini fridge.

After discussing turning eggs, temps, etc., all looks good for this unit.

NOW, I am concerned on oxygen and airflow. We all know the horror stories of why to take the doors off discarded fridge units left laying around. Is is the same for chicks? Does anyone know if it works for reptiles and exotic birds (so claimed) will it work for chickens? Are oxygen needs different.

We would be opening the door to turn eggs. It has an internal fan of some sort...just like a big fridge.

Here is the original string if anyone is interested:
I have had 2 hatch this morning and 2 more on their way in the next day or 2. All I did was opened the door 4-5 x day to circulate air. I was told (by the owner) that the air is recirculated inside, but just by opening the door provides the air transfer that is needed. I also opened the door 2-3 times a day to allow a quick air transfer and it held the temp and recovered quite quickly with humidity. I HIGHLY recommend this one. 100% hatch rate it looks like, and I am not the only one! BTW....the chicks dried pretty quickly (within an hour -2 hrs) of being inside, then I moved them to a nice warm brooder. Go for it is what I say.


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