Hot Swelling near comb

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Sep 16, 2019

Please help
hot growth, growing larger every day, her head is hot!
Growth is firm but not hard, as it gets bigger it's pushing her comb over. Not affecting her eye or sinus, no breathing problems..
Really not sure what it is, possible bug bite, but not seeing anything obvious.
Hen is not eating or drinking much
Poop is white/green
She's isolated and I have given her nutidrench and compresses, but using cool water
Please help
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Sorry about the pics, she wouldn't stay still
No wound and didn't see any type of bite or visible sting
It started with a visible loss of feathers there and then a increase of swelling every time I check on her. Her head is very hot. I think I should Lance it?
Is this something that just happened, or has it been going on for a while? The pictures just aren't clear enough to really tell. If you suspect a bite or sting, then you can give 1/4 of a 25mg benadryl tablet and give it once in 24 hours to see if it reduces. Don't give more than once, or overdose. I will also often apply a poultice of echinacea angustifolia to the site. It may be difficult to get it to stay on the comb however, if she shakes her head. You can find in in capsules, but there are several types of echinacea, so make sure to get the correct one for best results (purpurea is most common, it will not have the same results). Make a paste with warm water with the contents of the capsules and apply to the area (it won't hurt her if she eats the paste). Then I usually cover with a small bit of plastic wrap and then bandage over it, to keep it moist and hold it on. It needs to stay on for as long as you can keep it there, several hours at least. If you can figure how to do that on that particular area, then in might help. A bit of gauze kept moist would work also, without using the plastic wrap, you would need to re moisten as necessary.
Thanks for your help
Been going on for 5 days, started with what looked like missing feathers and swelled each day more, stretched skin but not red, got heat in it after a few days. No obvious bite or sting or any marks/wounds
We just performed surgery, tried to Lance it, nothing but blood, perhaps we didn't hit the right spot or go deep enough, but did the best we could. I'm really thinking bug bite or something under the comb,
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