Hot2Pot Crazy Weekend Multi Breed Auction, BO, GLW, RIR

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  1. Hot2Pot

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    Ok, here is the plan! Every weekend, I have eggs to sell that will ship Monday or Tuesday. Buyers will bid a per egg price. There will be at least 6 eggs, but possibly as many as 18. The winner of the auction can get as many eggs as there are available, or as few as 6+, you choose! Bids start at $0.75 per egg, plus $14. Shipping. If you win multiple auctions, i will combine shipping to save you money. Bidding starts on Saturday, auction closes Sunday night at 10 PM. EXCEPT this week, the auction starts tonight, and ends tomorrow night at 10 PM. When you bid, state what breed you are bidding on, your BYC name and your bid. I am hoping this will work, so I can keep my chickens fed. Payment by paypal unless other arrangements made ahead of time.
    Auction #1 Gold Laced Wyandottes., Large Fowl. These pretty birds are good dual purpose birds,good layers of brown eggs and big enough to make meat birds from excess roosters. This line is quite variable, chicks in assorted colors, though all the parents have good lacing. They are not show birds, just attractive, useful birds. These are large fowl , not bantams. The hens make good mothers, and they have small combs for cold hardiness.Great temperaments as well, love these birds!

    Auction #2 Rhode Island Reds, Heritage Style Large Fowl. Nice dark birds, great layers, very hardy and wonderful temperaments. My Rooster, "Brewster" was one of the first chicks hatched by a broody here on the farm. Always a gentleman! Everyone needs some RIR for their laying flock!

    Auction #3 Buff Orpingtons, Large Fowl. These pretty birds are the color of burnished gold! And they are good layers of brown eggs, wonderful broodies at times, big enough for meat birds and just plain a pleasure to have around. One of my best sellers each spring.
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    Deb really knows how to ship eggs!
  3. Hot2Pot

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    I agree, awesome shipping!
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    I am getting my 'won' eggs next week - can't wait. Nice birdies!
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    Good morning, Deb! My BA and SS chicks are nearly 6 weeks old and doing great. Of the BA's I "think/hope" there are 3 pullets and 2 roos. The SS are definitely 1 roo and 1 pullet. Yea!
    OK...this new website is still a bit confusing. How do I bid on this auction, by pm or reply?
  7. Hot2Pot

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    You just reply, unless you can't do PayPal then pm me so we can work it out . Thanks for asking! And thanks to all who replied! Deb

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    So this auction is ended?
  9. texaschickmom

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    This is all very confusing! [​IMG]
  10. Melissa Rose

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    I bid $1.50 on the Gold Laced Wyandottes
    $1.50 on the RIRs
    I think Deb has this Auction open for MLK day and it has not ended on Sunday but at 10:00 PM tonight.
    Melissa Rose aka Bubbles [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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