Hours old chick hurt leg

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    Oct 7, 2011
    My first time incubating, and I have had quite an ordeal with these chicks, i used an auto turner and put the eggs in upside down. i feel like i have to help them all out of their shells. so far i have only one that is doing really good. This one is the only other one that is actually seeming to have a chance, but his leg is all cockeyed.
    i'm really worried about him. i've already had to kill one because it gutted itself on the umbilical cord. i know i screwed up royally but i'm trying to do damage control right now. there is no way i'm going to kill this one, but i do want to know if anything can be done for him at this young of an age. i hope i got enough pictures for you guys to tell me if anything can be done. thanks for any advice.
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