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11 Years
Sep 14, 2008
palestine texas
O.k. I have been cleaning all my life and doing just fine, but, I have taken a job cleaning a Bunkhouse. Lots of rough wood. Tons of knick Knacks. Laminate floors.
Beds to sleep 12. I think what I am looking for are time saving secrets. Usually I clean with no time constraints, just dink around. I took 2 good hard days scrubbing and deep dusting and rearanging to make it more convienient for me. The first time I cleaned after guests was a party of 2. Fast and easy with a week until the next guests.

This week-end there is a party of 25+ with a 3:00 pm check out----and a turn around booking at 3:00 the next day. I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm scared to death. I don't have any doubt I can do it but I just don't want to take all night.

Any hints, secrets or products you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

I have found a new product called a Gleen cloth.... a green cleaning cloth... I bought them at a Kroger by my home.. and thought I would try it out... and Wow... using just plain water you can clean mirrors , windows with out drying or polishing.. You would think that it would streak leaving it still damp... but no... it cuts down on time....

I have glass tables in my home.. and mirrors as a backspash in my kitchen so I know about mirrors and glass... and this cloth has been a God send... check it out.... I bought some for my daughters because I love them so much...

Good luck to you.... It sounds as though you know what you are doing... don't be scared... You can do what ever you set your mind to....
Wow, just what I was looking for! One whole wall of the bathroom is floor to ceiling mirror. Great idea ,thanks. And we have a close Krogers.
When I used to clean for a B&B, I needed an order. I always started in the kitchen by putting the dishes in the dishwasher, then to the bedroom to strip the sheets and start the washing machine. After starting those two, I stayed in the bedroom and worked my way forward through the house - bedroom, bath, living room, kitchen, outside porch.

At first I had a written list too, so I wouldn't forget anything - that helped a lot with easing my mind. Just take some time this week and work out a logical plan, write down some steps and you'll be fine!
Well, I was gonna say "Hire someone else to do it!" but apparently you are the someone else...

I am gonna have to check into that, though.
I always start in the back of the house, and work my way back toward kitchen at some point. I work bedrooms in the back of the house first, strip sheets, make beds, dust, sweep, do master bath and go back to bedroom and mop if its not carpet. then back way to next room and so forth with the dirty sheets and towels, and drop those into washer and start a load. You get my drift, its self explanatory. I save kitchen for last because that would be the hardest part I guess. Goodluck to you

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