Hova-Bator Incubator with Automatic Turner + 30 Bob-White Quail Eggs

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Jan 26, 2010
Texas, Panhandle
I was bidding on a incubator, but it's getting a little too high for me.

I was looking on G.Q.F. and they have a really good deal, let me know what you think.

Here is the link: https://www.gqfmfg.com/store/comersus_viewItem.asp?idProduct=66#

anybody ever gotten this before?
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Eat-em. They are a pain in my opinion though. You can't put them in with cortunix because they will kill them. I've been finding this out. Only 1 has been killed but several got hurt before I discovered it. I now have to separate them as if I'm not already low on space. I started incubating quail to put in my freezer but about as soon as I process some DH gives them away.
And i'm doing all the feeding, clean up and processing.
And lately, playing nurse maid to the injured. The last of my eggs that are in incubation are hatching. And they say rabbits multiply. I have yet to have a baby rabbit but I have.........geez.........I have no idea how many quail. I'm sure 100+ chicks. Since I have about 30 new chicks in the brooder and they aren't done hatching.

Next time he gives them away I may rehome him.
Mrs. Fluffy Puffy :

I've heard Bobs are quiet agressive.

I will probably either turn them loose, or keep a pair or two.

I have buttons, but never had any other kind.

The BW's are wild and act like it too. Everyday at feeding time they are all over the place jumping and just goin crazy and it would seem they would be used to seeing me do the same thing. Just knowing that food is on its way should calm them but NOOOOO! I have to put my body in the way of the door to keep them from jumping out while I do what I have to do.
The Jumbo Brown and Manchuren cortunix are alot nicer calmer birds. They will wait in the spot their feeders and waters go while I refill them. I can actually pet them. When I collect eggs I have to move them out of my way because they surround my hand, I guess looking to get petted. Even the chicks are calmer. I have 5 hens with 1 male on the Jumbo Browns and 3 hens to 1 roo with the Manchuren. Apparently there is Texas A & M mixed in their bloodline because i'm getting some JB's with white spots and white Manchuren's with stripes. But i'm also geting some that are all white and that is good because I got some A & M's from a BYCer so I can mix the blood lines. I get all these chicks just from those 8 hens. The saying should be "They multiply like Quail" instead of Rabbits. I have rabbits and havent gotten the first baby from them.
You don't need to turn Bobwhites loose, you just need to be a little slow opening or closing the door to their pen. They will do the turning lose all by themselves. But be careful, kitty cats like the little chicken mcnuggets with feet.
I am always slow when doing anything around the BW's becaue I don't want them to hurt themselves. The ones that have gotten out that I couldn't catch my kitty caught for me. She has had Quail for breakfast, lunch and supper. But she don't bother them in the brooders. If they are running loose they are fair game. It's strange but I had a bunch fly out of the grow pen one time and while I was trying to catch them all she was too and I told her no and she actually went and laid on the porch. Those I couldn't catch she did later. I figured it would be a race to catch them before she did but it wasn't like that. We also have a lab that ignores the chickens. In the summer she will lay with them in the shade.
Humm, I "MIGHT" be able to build something like that.
Depends .... I'll worry about that when I get them!
We have 2 wild cats, they need to go anyway ... they have killed chickens in the past as well!
I just moved more around today so I could get sone I've had inside, outside in a pen. These are different blood ine from what I have to I have to kep them separate. That is why they where in the house so long because I didn't have an available pen for them. I processed 8 out of the 40+ BW that I put all in one pen. I had put 40 in it then put more from the grow pen. Then the bigger ones started picking on the little ones so they got processed a bit early today. They really needed a few more weeks but didn't get it. I still prefer cortunix and may just process all the BW I have instead of picking out some for breeders. I'll figure that out later.

I've been working all day with the quail today and still have to scoop poop. I haven't done that yet. It's always the last chore
We heed to build a fe more cages for them because they will run out of space as they grow. Oh, and I have to clean the 2 brooders that I moved quail out of today so I can separate the 30+ that have been hatching the past few days. I'm sooo glad they will be the last ones for a while. I have none in my bator. But I have a large butter bowl full of eggs in the fridge that I plan to pickle. I heard they where good, so i'll be finding out.

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