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Mar 3, 2010
Just wondering if they can be modified. I have a 1602. Can I change to an auto electronic thermostat? Does the turbo fan really make a difference? Can I get these things from a regular store like radioshack?
I would think you could change out the thermostat if you were handy. If you were that handy, maybe you couild build a home made one that was exactly what you wanted, capacity and looks-wise. Post pics if you would, of whatever you end up doing!
You can buy those direct from GQF and in stall them your self they have a electronic thermostat and fan kit for the hovabator. Go to their website and they also have manuals for those models. You might be able to get the products less expensive from someone else, Eggcartons etc. Cause GQF will charge retail.
To use a computer fan like that you will have to come up with the 12 volt power source. Something like a phone charger or other small transformer. While you are at the GQF site you can take a look at the 2364 Turbofan Kit Instructions and get an idea of what's involved in mounting any fan you choose to use. Of course the wiring will differ depending on the voltage requirements of the fan you use. By the way, the fan as installed per those instructions blows up toward the lid of the incubator, not down on the eggs.
hth, db
Here's a link to the above mentioned instructions.
https://www.gqfmfg.com/pdf/2364 turbofan kit.pdf
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