How about...OVER WATERING omg

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    Screammmm... Hubby just came and told me that i forgot to turn off the water outside. Oh yes, just a little "over watered". I was filling the last of 5 pools for the ducks and got side tracked doing some thing else. ~What a flooded mess, the water ran for "4 HOURS" (at lease 4 hours or better). I think it was the bugs i found in the new bag of feed that side tracked me. OMG...when it rains it pours, what else could possibly happen. [​IMG] ~Julie~
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    I have done the same thing before. I placed the hose in the duck's pool and left it running. At about 2AM, my eyes opened and I remembered that I hadn't turned the water off. It was a mess. [​IMG]
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    This makes me happy that my ducks drink from our cattle waterers....

    [​IMG] At least it will dry and evaporate eventually!?!
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    The ducks probably enjoyed it [​IMG]

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