How accurate is this information?

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Jun 22, 2018

I'm researching geese before I commit to getting a pair in the summer and I've been looking all over the internet for as much detail as possible but I've just come across the above website which mentions a few things which seems contrary to the vast majority of sources I have seen thus far; In particular:

"They eat few things other than grass, but they do like chickweed, clover, dandelions, everlasting pea plants, etc. Mine snip the heads and leaves of flowers, and they will chew the bark of climbing plants"
- I have seen people mention feeding grapes, cabbage, multiple different veggies, frozen peas, sweetcorn etc to their geese, what gives?

"They are quite delicate and, unlike hens, can suffer from various fatal conditions"
- My understanding was that geese are some of the hardiest poultry around and are very simple to keep? Always looking to learn so I can give my babies the best start when they arrive. :-D
We currently have 8 Toulouse Geese and they will eat anything we will let them have. The graze over 3 acres all the time but are particularly fond of corn on the cob, romaine lettuce, watermelon and Gardenias (we used to have some along the fence but they are gone now, thanks to the geese). They did do us the favor of pooping the Gardenias all over the acreage so we now have flowers popping up everywhere.

Ours are docile, lots of fun, come running (flying) when they see us thinking it is treat time and breed something fierce.

When in season they will fight with each other and can be pretty mean but that only last a few months and they are no worse for the ware when it is over.

They poop and poop and poop. So plenty of fertile soil out there as well.
We've had ours about 3 weeks now. They munch grass and weeds, Poop, and swim all day :). They love cabbage, and green parts from cauliflower, oh and watermelon rinds, not the flesh, but the rinds lol. They're quite fun.
My 2 Buff American Geese are terrified of the water! They only like to dip their heads in it, but no way will the tolerate being in it! :idunno
My geese eat a large variety of greens, grass, clover, plantain(sp), dandelions, select flowers, and to my dismay 7 year old poplar tree that use to look beautiful with leaves now dying. They will weed around raspberries and strawberries without touching the yummy fruit, but sadly we have to fight them for the blueberries. Corn, watermelon, lettuce, and cabbage are gone very quickly but they won’t touch peas or carrots.

I have only had them for 13 weeks so far but other than the copious amount of poop (oh I means fertilizer) in the brooder, they have been very easy to take care of and healthy. We lost two chicks in the shipment but the geese did wonderful. They seem very hardy to me. Their personalities are awesome and individually unique. Mine are Toulouse and even though they look very similar to everyone else I can still tell them apart. Getting geese has been a wonderful choice and experience so far.
Thank you for your willingness to learn what you can before bringing home the birds! A lot of people don't realize what they're getting into, and it doesn't end well unfortunately.

Geese are such clowns, you will get endless entertainment from their antics! Glad to hear you're considering a pair! The hands down favorite treat at my house is corn on the cob, and it's cleaned off completely in no time.
The poop was the biggest thing for us to get used to, im busy building a poop free zone around the house. :)


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