How big should my goat house be?!


10 Years
Aug 20, 2013
New York State
I have 2 Lamancha/Saanen mix goats. They are suppose to be a large goat once they reach adulthood. We plan on breeding them with another Lamancha breed or Sannen breed and keeping 1 kid from each goat. So at one point in time we will have 4 large goats. How large should I build my goat house??
15 sq. ft. minimum per adult animal is the number I go with.. So 4 adult goats of those breeds would be 60 sq. ft minimum, which is like a 6ft x 10ft building. That being said, if you live some place that the goats will be spending a large amount of time in the barn (long winters, etc), and it is a fully enclosed barn, I would go with 20-25sq. ft. per goat. So, like a 10 x 10 building. You also need no less than 1 foot of trough/feeder space per goat also. That way everyone has room to eat.

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